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How to Justify a Materialistic Lifestyle

·Materialism as Sport: “The money is just a way of keeping score.” “Whoever dies with the most toys wins.”

·Materialism as Style: “You can never be too rich or too thin.”

·Materialism as Achievement: “Those who say that money is the root of all evil are those who don’t have any.”

·Materialism as Self-Esteem: “A man is worth as much as he has and has as much as he is worth.”

·Materialism as Therapy: “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.”

·Materialism as Security: “Money isn’t everything--as long as you have enough.”

·Materialism as Happiness. “Those who think money doesn’t buy happiness don’t know where to shop.” "It's easy to be content with your lot if you have a lot to be content with."

·Materialism as Success: “Make enough money, everything will follow.” “Money is good, more money is better.”

·Materialism as Self-Reliance: “God helps those who help themselves.”

·Materialism as Civic Duty: “The more I buy, the more jobs I help create.”

·Materialism as Christian Duty: “A man who does not provide luxuries for his own is worse than an infidel.”

·Materialism as Philanthropy: “The more I have, the more I can give.”

·Materialism as Calling: “Money is the result and the expression of virtue and proficiency in a calling.”

·Materialism as Inevitability: “All economic behavior proceeds from self-interest.”

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John, you have a website that may be unique. I haven't searched the entire blogosphere -- Technorati at last count was tracking 75 million blogs, and that's just a fraction of the total -- but I haven't come across a site that even vaguely resembles yours. And the more I read it, the more I appreciate how well-written it is. May it continue years into the future.

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