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Flavors of Christianity

The variety of human beings never ceases to amaze me. Despite all our commonalities, we differ so much from each other in subtle ways. The food we like, the music, the books, the movies, the hobbies, the pet peeves, the sly preferences—all these and many more mark us as individuals.

So it is, too, with our Christianity. Reading the same New Testament, we see different areas to emphasize and to identify as the essence of the Christian faith. Listed below are “flavors” of Christianity I have observed. Most Christians, of course, are “Neapolitan” in the sense that they combine two or more flavors in varying proportions. If you are a Christian, which flavor or flavors are you?

1.Propositional Christianity—Christianity is knowing, understanding, and believing a certain set of doctrinal propositions. To be a Christian is to know and accept the truth.

2.Spirit-filled Christianity—Christianity is feeling the comfort, guidance, power, and presence of the Holy Spirit in your life.

3.Service Christianity—Christianity is living an authentic life of sacrificial service to something outside yourself.

4.Character Christianity—Christianity is living a holy life that pleases God and honors the name of Christ. It is a faithful life of moral and spiritual integrity that follows the example of Jesus.

5.Ascetic Christianity—Christianity is the imitation of Christ, including his suffering and sacrifice. To be a genuine Christian is to live simply as Jesus did and to crucify the flesh with all its passions and desires.

6.Mystical Christianity—Christianity is to experience oneness with God through contemplation. It is to lose one’s individuality in the sea of God, to catch a vision of eternity, to sense the divinity within, and to feel the divine bliss of heaven.

7.Liturgical Christianity—Christianity is experiencing the beauty and holiness of God through the avenue of formal worship. To be a Christian is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.


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