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My Christian Witness

I believe that genuine Christianity, with its emphasis on love, compassion, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, and ethical behavior, is the only remedy for human sinfulness and for the violence and injustice of history itself.

I am engaged in a lifelong search for authentic Christianity, within and without my own self. I may never find it in perfect form, as so beautifully described in the pages of the New Testament, because human beings like me are too weak, foolish, and fallible.

Nevertheless, if I myself strive to be faithful to Jesus, his ideals, his kingdom, his church, and his cause, I believe I will not go far wrong. Indeed, I have already found true Christianity in its proximate form and have been blessed by seeing the living Christ, sometimes clearly, sometimes faintly, in the good, honest, and sacrificial lives of many Christian people.

So I stay in the church and keep up the search, realizing all along, as Jesus did, that only in self-sacrifice is there any real honor and enlightenment.

Are you interested in joining me as I search?

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Nice to have you back, John. Not everyone sees God in other people. Thank you for doing so.

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